Two sets of:

Bent-over T Raises x 10 reps @ 2121

Bent-over Y Raises x 10 reps @ 2121

Bent-over I Raises x 10 reps

followed by…

Two sets of:

Landmine Rows x 6 reps each arm

Rest as needed

Sandbag Squat (bear hug hold) x 8-10 reps

Rest as needed

Strongman Conditioning Session


Two sets:

3 UB TGU each arm


Three sets of:

100-Foot Hand-Over-Hand Rope Pull

Rest 2-3 minutes


Three sets of:

100-Foot Reverse Sled Drag

(as heavy as possible – no more than one stop per 100-feet)

Rest 2-3 minutes


Three sets of:

100-Foot Harnessed Sled Pulls

(as heavy as possible, no stopping during 100-feet)

Rest 2-3 minutes


300-Meter Sandbag Carry @ 80-120 lbs

(bear hug hold only)

Extra work:

Before class, if possible:

1) FS: 60x2x3

2) Two sets of:

Biceps Opening Curls x 5/5/5 reps

Triceps Opening Extensions x 5/5/5 reps

Postural Restoration:

After class:

3A) 4 point stance (Cat pose with breath) X5, optional 3 point, 3 each side

3B) 90/90 SASL (reach optional, 3 on each side) with balloon or straw

3C) Banded Deadbug 5X each leg

3D) Box Squats with breath