1) BS 50x2x3

Aerobic Capacity:

2) With HR between 140-150 BPM, row or swim 30-40 minutes. 

I'll be programming work for Thursdays. This day is totally optional. The back squats will not exceed sixty percent, and the volume will be consistent. 

The gym will be open normal gym times for Thursday (9-10a, 3-5p).

On Thursdays, lately, someone is usually around after 5, so if you would like to come in after that, we can probably make it happen... Interested? Come talk to me. 

Thursday will remain open-gym style. There are no classes. Come in and get the work done. 

"But, Coach, we don't have a pool at The Ark! So, how can we go on a swim?"

That's when I reply, "But, we do! It's just that it's on a .75 mile track called 11th street, and 8th ave." 

Please avoid excessive running on these days. Running is really tough on the body. Choose other activities like, swimming, rowing, or cycling (reg or airdyne). 

This is also a great day to play a pick-up game of basketball, play some pool or ping-pong; learn new skills, or.... meal prep. Yeah, take care of our food business. 

Also, feel free to come in and just do the squats. Or not to come in at all.

You may ask, "Can we still make-up other workouts from the week on Thursdays?"

Yes. Talk to me about it at the gym in advance if possible. Most of you do anyways.

Another may ask, "Hey Coach, can I just do a random WOD I thought up, or picked up from the internet, since it's open gym?"

Most likely, the answer will be, "No." But, light, skill-based activities, with a focus and long-term plan may be acceptable, but come talk to me about it at the gym.