2 rounds:

10XBand Pull-aparts

10X W’s

10X PVC Pass-through

5 sec. Bottom of dip hold

5 sec. Top of pull hold


30” AMRAP with HR between 140-150 BPM, if HR exceeds 150BPM, STOP WORKING.

Jog 200m

5 tempo Dips 3333

Jog 200m

5 Strict tempo pull-ups 3333 (advanced do false-grip pull-ups on rings)

Jog 200m

10 Strict toe-to-bar

Postural Restoration:

3 rounds:

2A) 90/90 SASL (reach optional, 3 on each side)

2B) Lateral plank with respirationX5 breaths each side

2C) 20x alternating superman (R+L=2)vv