2-3 rounds:

5X Band pull-apart

5X Pass-through

5X Squat

5X KBS (2nd round snatches each arm light KB)

5X Pull-up/ring row

10X Hollow rock

10X Arch rock


3 rounds:

10” AMRAP:

10 Strict toe-to-bar

10 Thrusters (45lbs/33lbs)

10 TGU (5 each arm)

3 minute AMRAP:

ME KB Snatches***

Rest 1 minute

Keep HR between 140-150, but do not monitor HR for KB snatches

A) 90/90 SASL (reach optional, 3 on each side) with balloon

B) Banded Deadbug 5X each leg

C) Box Squats with breath