Things that Stick

Creating a habit is not an easy feat and like many things in life, it requires determination and motivation. According to Merriam Webster, habit forming is defined as a strong need to regularly have or do something. The idea behind a habit is that it becomes addictive and second nature to the person. This is especially important when developing a healthy lifestyle routine.

Habits are formed gradually and take lots of repetition to achieve, so don’t feel bad if you notice a slow progression. The important thing is that you’re actively working establishing a permanent change.

The first step to creating a habit is to pick what is it you want to change. But, start small! Overwhelming yourself with a huge goal won’t always yield the ideal outcome. It would be even better if this small goal was associated with a daily routine that already forms part of your life.

An accountability partner could be a great asset to have while moving through this stage. This partner can not only provide support, but also be a reminder to stick by your goal. It also creates a sense of responsibility to uphold the common objective.

Once you have decided on a habit, plan out how you’re going to reach it ahead of time. This plan will keep you accountable and it is an easy way to keep track of your accomplishments as you progress.

Set reminders on your phone, calendar, or notes on your fridge. These will trigger your memory and ensure that you follow through. Create your routine and reward yourself!

One of the oldest tricks is to recompense a job well done. This enhances the likelihood of that behavior repeating.

This is applicable to any habits you’re trying to form. Recently, we have discussed the importance of incorporating vegetables into every meal and consuming healthier, more nutritious foods. Try to create a habit out of these nutrition suggestions.