Add This, Not That

Adding protein to your daily diet does not have to be a challenge. A resourceful and rather speedy alternative is to make a protein shake.

A protein shake, besides being quicker to make, is also faster to digest. In comparison to solids food, a shake is digesting in about 30 minutes!

Sounds fantastic! How do I make one?

Start by determining the grams of protein you need. This is dependent on your activity level. The general rule of thumb is to ingest about a gram of protein for every pound of body weight. However, adding a bit more can help speed recovery. A hugely popular protein used is whey. This is because whey is water soluble and not only has the amino acids that are essential to us, but also the non-essential ones. Whey is also easily digested and the body is effective using it and retaining it. There are many other forms of protein too, like soy, which can be used instead.

Whey is a popular protein powder.

Whey is a popular protein powder.

You’ve added the protein powder, what’s next?

Be creative! Add ingredients that are tasty and beneficial.

Some suggestions are:

1. Greek yogurt because it is high in calcium and contains probiotics

2. Cocoa powder due to its fat-fighting fiber and iron concentration, ideal for an energy boost

3. Almond butter because it has healthy fats and minerals necessary for proper bodily function

4. Banana since they can add sweetness without the need for processed sugars and they also have many beneficial nutrients

Mix it all together!

Mix it all together!

If you’re unsure of what to add or would like more idea, use the following link. It has a useful step by step guide for creating a protein shake.

If a protein shake is an option you’d like to explore, feel free to speak with Coach Michael. He has great advice as to how to create the perfect shake!