Member Testimonial: Haile Leul Shares His Story

Oftentimes as a gym, you're not only helping people in their physical journey, but also, and most of the time unknowingly, you're helping them deal with every day life. Working out is a stress reliever, a breather from the daily routine. 

At The Ark, we value the community we've created and are proud of the support members offer each other. This, alongside the fun we create from our workouts, allows our members to be free and focus on themselves for at least one hour a day. 

Read on to see how this mentality has helped one of our most lovable members, Haile, in his years of training. 


1. How long have you been training at The Ark?

I have been training at The Ark a steady 2 and a half years.


2. What were your goals when you started and has The Ark helped you achieve them?

My goals included becoming stronger, more flexible, and more aware of my body. My life has completely changed since I started training at The Ark. I struggled for a long time (and still do, from time to time) to make training a priority of my weekly routine. It became easy when I realized how dedicating an hour of my day to bettering myself was not only making me physically healthier, but also, more importantly, mentally healthier.

It’s given me the strength to overcome a lot of my life’s obstacles and hardships.

It's great to have a place where for an hour or more you can check the weights of life at the door; pick up other weights and be free. Strength makes all the virtues possible. 


3. What do you like most about our gym?

It's hard to name just one thing.

For me, it’s a combination of the people that come in to train, the coaches, and the overall atmosphere.

It is this ambience that allows me to disconnect for that one hour a day. The Ark, besides helping me achieve my physical goals, has helped me deal with the stress of every day life, in a way I was not aware I could use help in. I like the way it makes an impact on you.


4. What would you say to convince someone who’s thinking about joining?

To get yourself the craziest looking tights you can find and come give it a shot.