In ten minutes:

With an empty barbell, grab as many quality sets as possible. Do not add weight to barbell:

10 On-toe-split Jerks, alternating feet

10 Banded Jerk dips (3 sec pause at bottom of dip)


1) Split Jerk:

70x2, 75x2, 80x2, 85x2, 80x2


2A) 4XME strict HSPU + ME kipping HSPU, or Press 4x5 + ME Push-press

2B) BS: 70x2x3


3) For time:

With a partner:

Run 400m together

100 Toe-to-bar

Run 800m together

100 Pull-ups

Run 400m together

Extra work:

1) 5X5 Heaving Snatch balance

Postural restoration:

1A) 3 sets: internal rotation bridge x5 each leg

1B) 3 sets: iso plank x5 breaths

2) 20X Croc breath