1) Snatch 5X1@80%, R45 STRICT, then 5X1@85%, R60 STRICT


2) BS: 5X50%, 5@60%, 5@70%, R60, 1X5@80%, 1X5@85%, 1X5@90, 1X5@85


3) In ten minutes:


0:00-3:00—1XME UB Muscle-ups, rest 30 sec STRICT, then perform half the reps of UB set, UB


3:00-8:00—3 UB Muscle-ups EMOM starting at 3:00 and finishing after 7:00.


8:00-10:00— ME Muscle-up singles


Sub C2B Pull-ups for MU, ME UB set, then 3-5 reps E30S, from 3-7, then sets of two from 8:00-10:00


4) Time permitting (May have to be done after class): 4X400m sprint