One Word: Protein

We all work hard at the gym, train ferociously, and push our limits. However, for our bodies to perform as they do we need to fuel it. Lots of hard work requires lots of good eating, but it’s what you ingest that makes a difference. We all know the basics, veggies and fruits, but rarely do we think of the necessity to eat lots of protein.

Why protein?

Well, protein is the building block of muscle, making it an essential ingredient when building muscle. Having a large supply ensures that your body has the necessary tools to repair the damage caused from exercise and build on to the muscle in order to be prepared for subsequent stress. Additionally, protein has preventative mechanisms against diseases like: diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

So yes, you should incorporate more protein in your diet. But how much is enough?

You need more than you think! Whether your goal is to gain, maintain, or loose weight, protein plays a major role. If you’re trying to gain weight, the protein will help add calories to your diet and if you’re trying to loose weight you should intake more calories from protein then other sources. Why? Because protein has the property to burn fat, therefore by ingesting more protein you can take advantage of that feature.

You need more protein than you think!

You need more protein than you think!

Where could you get all this protein from?

Some of the best sources are meats, dairy products, and fish. Chocolate milk is a great drink and it cuts down recovery time! You could also add beans and legumes to your diet, but be cautious with these as they contain carbs, which depending on your goals can slow down the process.

When should you eat?

It’s all about spreading the protein intake. This maintains your body in a constant mode of protein synthesis, so you’re not only building muscle for a few hours a day.

It is recommended to have about 20 grams 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after vigorous exercise. If that seems like too much or impossible for your lifestyle, then take the protein before the workout so it is already available for your body when it needs it.

Dig in!