Member Testimonial: Sylvia Paluzzi Shares Her Story

1. How long have you been training at The Ark?

I have been a member of The Ark for a little over 2 and a half years.


2. What were your goals when you started and has The Ark helped you achieve them?

I am an older member of The Ark, and when I started, I was not in very good shape. I joined to get stronger as I see my 82 year old mother unable to open a bottle and struggle with arthritis.

I want to be a active older person and feel strong and healthy to raise the youngest of my children since I had him when I was older.


3. What do you like most about our gym?

Coach Michael. He is genuine and always ready to be supportive, no matter your level of performance. I was not sure when I joined the boot camp Michael would accept me, and he did. After boot camp I wasn’t sure Michael would allow me to stay as I was so out of shape, and he did. When I hurt my knee and was unable to squat or run and I wasn’t sure Michael would let me stay, and he did. Other gyms would consider me a handicap or a burden to the larger group, but Michael has embraced me. He never makes me feel burdensome even though I am more work for him and require a special workout. He is like having a private trainer, available, encouraging, professional without the price-tag of a private trainer. 

He is committed to his members, not just as clients, but as a friend whose health he takes a personal interest in supporting.

Coach is one in a million!

I also really like the people. They are all friendly and encouraging. The Ark is a place where you are not just working on getting in better shape but also building a community. Building muscles and community all at the same time! It has been one of the best things I have done for myself and my family.


4. What would you say to convince someone who’s thinking about joining?

If you are looking for a gym that pushes you without injuring yourself, a gym where you are accepted regardless of level of competency, a gym where people are genuinely kind and respectful all with good natured fun, then The Ark is the place for you.

It is priced reasonably, offers several workouts options, and is run by Coach Michael in a way that pushes you just in the right manner.

Come on and join The Ark. It is a great investment on both your health and your community.