Member Testimonial: Ben Bobish Shares His Story

1. How long have you been training at The Ark?

About a year and a half.


2. What were your goals when you started and has The Ark helped you achieve them?

My goals were to get more flexible and get myself into overall better shape.

The Ark has absolutely helped me achieve my goals.

After having some weightlifting experience from high school and playing football in college, I wanted to get myself into the peak shape I was in during my prime.


3. What do you like most about our gym?

There are so many things that I love about the Ark that makes it superior to all of the other gyms I have been a part of. I worked out at a local gym, as well as tried a few other crossfit gyms around Gainesville and I am extremely grateful that I found The Ark. Being a student, I was on a budget and Mike worked with my girlfriend and I to make The Ark feasible for us. I also had a shoulder injury from playing football and Mike customizes each workout in order to allow me to complete them. He will consistently work with each of his members 1 on 1 to ensure that they understand the proper movements and technique.

The Ark was the first gym I actually felt safe at

The Ark was the first gym I actually felt safe at- meaning the programming was structured and Mike as well as the other coaches are more concerned with you actually understanding the technique rather than the amount of weight you have on the bar. There are simply no hidden agendas and Mike and the coaches will make sure that you are satisfied with your experience and genuinely want to help you reach your goals. I am so happy I found The Ark because this type of genuine coaching and environment is extremely rare to find these days.


4. What would you say to convince someone who’s thinking about joining?

Try it out- you’ll be glad you did. No matter what your level of fitness is, The Ark’s welcoming environment brings everyone together as ONE.

The diversity inside the Ark is what makes it special.

Everyone is genuine and motivating! Mike as well as the other coaches will consistently ask to make sure your body feels ok and will personalize any workout to fit your needs and ability. Truly a one of a kind experience!