What Makes Crossfit Style Exercise Effective?

Crossfit is one of the most popular fitness workouts right now. Most of us have seen, if not witnessed the effects and benefits of this style of training. But what exactly makes it so effective? 

The American Council of Exercise (ACE) conducted a study to determine the effectiveness of crossfit. They used Donkey King and Fran as the workout the subjects would perform. Results showed that both training sessions kept their heart rate elevated and their VO2 max (volume of oxygen consumption) peaked at 80%. This percentage is representative of cardiovascular endurance. Both workouts were perceived as difficult by the subjects, despite their individual fitness levels. These results show the effectives of crossfit style workouts because of the high intensity intervals. What’s even better is that they keep your body burning calories long after you have finished the exercises.

Another advantage of crossfit is the fact that the workouts are done hard and fast, which forces your muscles to work efficiently. Additionally, the movements incorporate strength, balance, and speed. And because you can always move through the exercises faster or add more weight, the movements are compounded and represent a new stress for the body. This prevents from boredom and stagnation, which often cause non compliance. Due to the variety of exercises, crossfit is a well rounded fitness routine that targets varied muscle groups, ensuring a well distributed full body workout and strength gain.

Everything in Moderation

Muscle breakdown can easily happen. It is important that you know your limits and don’t push yourself further, because there can be fatal consequences. Besides athletic injuries, rhabdomyolysis can happen. This is when your body breaks down your muscles and releases its proteins into your blood stream damaging organs like your kidneys. Don’t be afraid to take your rest days and listen to your body when working out.