4x:20 sec couch stretch every position (hip, quad, hammies, split)


On-toe-split Jerk 1x10, alternating legs

3x5 On-toe-split Jerk, working to a medium heavy and absolutely perfect set of 5 (use dominant leg only)


1) Push-press 3x10 (light, no misses)


2A) OHS 3x10

2B) Kipping Toe-to-bar 3x5 with perfect form, or 3x5 Bar-taps


3) For reps and quality:

10” AMRAP:

Bear complex @30-40% of max CJ

1 TNG power clean

1 FS

1 Shoulder-to-overhead (STO)

1 BS

1 BNSTO (behind the neck shoulder to overhead)

Repeat UB AMRAP. The bar may rest anywhere on the body, but you may not drop the barbell or let it rest on the floor. If you pause on the floor or drop the barbell, perform 10 toe-to-bar.

Accessory work:

4A) DB Shoulder flies 3x10

4B) 3x10 elevated ring-rows (feet elevated to box, rings set to box height)


5A) 4x:60 sec Weighted plank hold

5B) 4x10 Cuban Press