Shoulder DROM (arm circles and arm swings)

T-spine mobility on foam roller


3 rounds:

5-10 Push-ups

3 Butterfly pull-ups + 3 C2B Pull-ups + 3 BMU (the goal is to go UB)

HS walk OR bear crawl 25 feet


1) 12 minutes to find a 5RM push-press -n 4-5 sets


2A) Find a 5RM OHS in 4-5 sets

2B) Ring-dips 4x8, go weighted if possible


3) 12 minute AMRAP:

Run 400m

ME Kipping HSPU

Score is number of HSPU.

Accessory work:

4A) DB Shoulder flies 4x8

4B) 4x8 elevated ring-rows (feet elevated to box, rings set to box height)


5A) 4x:45 sec Weighted plank hold

5B) 4x8 Cuban Press