90/90 breathing x10 breaths (broken up however)


1 round:

World’s Greatest stretch x5 each side

40 leg swings (20 each leg, forward and back)

10 BS with empty BB


1A) BS: 4x10@90% plus of 10RM, FIND A NEW 10RM!

1B) 4xME strict HSPU + ME Kipping HSPU


2A) 3x10 Reverse Front-rack lunge (5 each leg, heavier than last week)

2B) 3xME Strict Ring-dips (use a band or partner assist if not you cannot perform at least 8 UB)


3) For quality:

10” AMRAP:

10 TGU (5 each arm)

20 Push-ups

30 V-ups or v-tucks

Accessory work:

4) 1-arm DB press 4x8 (you can also do just bench, here)

Note: #4 should be done before the conditioning. 5A and 5B can be done after

5A) 4x10 Skull-crushers

5B) Weighted sit-up 5x10 (low back keeps contact on floor)