4x:20 sec couch stretch every position (hip, quad, hammies, split)


On-toe-split Jerk x10, alternating legs

3x5 On-toe-split Jerk, working to a medium heavy and absolutely perfect set of 5 (use dominant leg only)


1) Push-press 3x10 (go heavy, all sets within 90% of 10RM and above)

2A) OHS 3x10

2B) Kipping Toe-to-bar 3x10 with perfect form, or 3x10 Bar-taps


3) For reps and quality:

6 rounds:

30 sec ME WBS

30 sec rest

30 sec ME Burpee Box Jump

30 sec rest

Accessory work:

4A) DB Shoulder flies 3x10

4B) 3x10 elevated ring-rows (feet elevated to box, rings set to box height)


5A) 4x:60 sec Weighted plank hold

5B) 4x10 Cuban Press