10x Pass-throughs

T-spine mobility drills

40 leg swings (20 each leg)


EMOM for 5 minutes:

1 Snatch high-pull + 1 Power Snatch + 1 OHS with BB up to 50%


1) Power Snatch from mid-hang 5x5, light crisp, smooth, perfect reps.


2A) Snatch first pull 3x10 (perfect but heavier than last week across sets)***

***Note: If you know you will not attend Saturday class, do 3x10 deadlifts instead.

2B) 3x5 strict pull-ups + 10-15 perfect kipping pull-ups (Technique focus; if you cannot perform the full movement, we will choose a progression)***

***Note: If no strict pull-ups then 3x10 strict banded pull-up or ring-row


3) For reps:

6 rounds

40 sec ME AD Cal

20 sec rest

40 sec ME Toe-to-bar or bar taps a.k.a kipping leg lifts

20 sec rest

Accessory work:

4) 3x10 Snatch grip RDL


5A) Bent-row 3x10

5B) Weighted hollow rocks 3x20


6A) Bicep curls 3x10

6B) Powell raise 3x10


7) Band curls 1x50