2-position Snatch practice with empty BB, then working up to 70% in 10 minutes.


1) 2-position Snatch: 80x1x4 (hang, low-hang (plates 2 inches from floor))

2) 2-position Clean: 80x1x4 (same as Snatch)

3) Push-Jerk + Jerk: 4x1 heaviest possible (four sets after warm-ups, above 75%)


4) In teams of two for two rounds:

3 minutes each station:

1) Run 400m (Both partners run together, rest remainder of time)

2) 200m Sand Bag Bear-hug Carry (P1 100m, P2 100m)

3) Prowler Push (hi/low P1, then switch, work entire 3 minutes)

4) ME Handstand Walk for distance, 25ft increments (if no HS walk then partner wheel barrel, switch every 25 feet)

5) ME AD for Calories, tag-team style, sprinting

6) 1:00 Hollow Hold, 1:00 Arch hold, 1:00 rest (both partners working together)