2-position Snatch practice with empty BB, then working up to 70% in 10 minutes.


1) 2-position Snatch: 77x1x4 (hang, low-hang)

2) 2-position Clean: 77x1x4 (same as Snatch)

3) Push-Jerk + Jerk: 4x1 heaviest possible (four sets after warm-ups, above 70%)


4) For reps:

In teams of two against a continuously running clock, for max reps/calories:

4 minute Sandbag Clean and Press

4 minute AD Bike for max calories

4 minutes KB/DB Thrusters @ 2×53/35lbs

4 minutes KBS @ 53/35lbs

4 minutes Prowler Push (hi/low, then tag partner)

4 minutes Row for Calories

4 minutes Burpees