10 Air squats

5 Finger pushes

10 BS with an empty barbell

5 Wall peels

10 BS with 40%

25 foot HS Walk or Bear crawl

10 BS with 60%

5 Strict HSPU


1) BS: 75x3x10


2) 15 minutes to find a 1RM Clean and Jerk. Your first lift should be at 50-60%


3) For time:

4 rounds:

10 Thrusters (using 50% of #1, try to go UB on these)

10 Lateral burpees over the bar


A quick word on the competition work. This is not for everyone. If you do not understand the work as written on this blog, or do not have the time, this work is probably unnecessary for you. This is for folks who have the time, and who desire the higher volume and more time for lifting. 90% of you or more will not benefit from doing this extra work. Furthermore, cramming the extra work into one session is not desirable. Athletes will receive the greatest benefit from the recovery time between sessions. The minimum amount of time between sessions should be two hours, with a meal and a nap in between. 4 hours or more between sessions would be the most desirable amount of time. 

AM: #1, then 5X5 Push-press AHAP

PM: #2, #3