Starting with a PVC, take 10 minutes to work up to a 5RM Drop Snatch, absolutely NO HEAVE

1) E2M for 12M:

1 Snatch starting at 60%, adding weight every round. When a miss occurs, drop the weight 10-20lbs and continue the EMOM.

2) Find a 7RM Bear complex. One rep of the Bear is 1 Power clean + 1 FS + 1 Push-press or Jerk + 1 BS + 1 BN Push-press or BNPJ***

The bar may not rest on the ground, though it may rest on the body, anywhere.

A) 4 point stance (Cat pose with breath) X5, optional 3 point, 3 each side

A) 90/90 SASL (reach optional, 3 on each side) with balloon

B) Banded Deadbug 5X each leg

C) Box Squats with breath