3 rounds:

10 Presses

10 Bent-over row

10 Jerk-grip OHS

work up to 70% of 1RM PC and PJ


1) Starting at 70% of 1RM Power Clean and Power Jerk and adding weight every round, drop weight after first miss

3 Touch and Go Power Clean and Power Jerk every 90 seconds for 7 rounds.

rest 2 minute

2) ME Power Clean and Power Jerk at 80% of 3RM


3A) Deadlift 5x3 searching for a conservative 3RM with no misses,

rest 90 sec (Use weights from last four weeks to guide you here, if you hit it for 5, you can hit it for three, push the weights within reason).

3B) 4x10 Deficit Strict HSPU + ME UB Strict HSPU***, rest 90 sec


4) For reps:

Tabata AD

Tabata C2BPU

Tabata Dubs