3 rounds:

10 Jumping Back Squats

10 Single-leg RDLs (may be unweighted)


1) BS: 60x5, 65x5, 70x5, 75x5, 80x5

2A) Find a 5RM Deadlift in 5 sets

2B) 4x10 Deficit Strict HSPU + ME UB Strict HSPU***

***Make the deficit hard enough that you have to break up the set, but can finish in under 90 seconds, then immediately after 10th rep, go into ME UB Strict HSPU (even if you just get 1 rep). If no deficit then reduce range of motion for ME UB set.



75 Power Snatches (75lbs /45lbs/20-30%)

Extra work:

1A) Press 5x5, AHAP

1B) Good Mornings 4x8 (heavier than last week)

2) 4x1:00 Hollow hold, rest 1:00