3 rounds:

10 Split presses

10 Kang Squats empty BB


1) CJ complex:

5x1 Clean Pull + 1 Hang Clean + 3 FS + 1 Jerk at 80% of best for complex over the last two weeks


2A) 4x8 thrusters at 80% of 8RM

2B) 4x: 30sec ME C2B Pull-ups, rest 90 sec


3) For reps:

10 rounds:

20 sec ME Burpees

40 sec rest

Extra work:

Aerobic capacity:

Ideally, you would do this in the morning, then return to do class in the afternoon, or vis-versa. If that is not possible, rest until HR has dropped to normal after conditioning (70-90 BPM), then:

1) Row 5k for time, with HR between 145-150 BPM, (compare to week 32)

Postural restoration:

2A) 3xDeadbugs 10 breaths

2B) 3xISO Plank 10 breaths