4 rounds:

5 Straight-leg box jumps (land with straight legs)

5 Tall-Snatch (add weight if possible each set)


1) In 15” find a max Snatch (7-10 total lifts, including warm-ups)

2) In 15” find a max CJ (5-8 lifts, including warm-ups)


3A) 3RM FS in 4-5 sets climbing heavier than last week, failure on ONE set is okay.

3B) 4x 1 strict Muscle-up + ME muscle-up in 45 seconds.***

***If you have to break, drop down, take five, then go again.


4) With a partner, tag-team style:

100 partner WBS (alternating reps)

100 Partner Power Russian KBS (partner assisted; partner pushes the KB down)

100 Box jumps (step down)

100 Cal AD or 100 Cal row