3 rounds for quality:

5 Strict Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Banded Good mornings


BS: 60x2x3 sets


With HR between 140-150BPM (manage HR on Burpees, not on Dubs as much. If you can go UB for Dubs in 2:00, do it)

5 rounds of:

2:00 Dubs/Single-unders

1:00 Chin-toes HS hold (or Plank hold)

2:00 Burpees

1:00 Shoulder taps/Hip taps (or shoulder taps from plank hold)

Extra work:

Find a 3RM Bench Press in 5 sets.

Then, 1x3@95%, and 1x3@90% of 3RM