151016: Oly EMOM

Connectivity: In Class:

Run 400m, then 2 rounds: 1X25’ Inch Worm 1X10 Arch/Hollow Roll + V-up 1X8 Arch/Hollow Swing or 1X3 Strict + 3 Kipping + 3 Chest-to-bar, UB


EMOM for 8 rounds complete:

1) 3 Snatches@70%***

2) E2M for 8 rounds:

3 Clean and Jerks@70%***

***Note: Add weight each round until you miss, then drop 10-20 pounds and complete the remainder of the EMOM.


2A) 3X10 Good Morning 2B) 4X1 Strict Muscle-up + 3 Dips + ME Muscle-ups, or 4X10 Muscle-up transition, or 4X10 Supinated Pull-up


Extra credit:

4 rounds:

Max Distance Yolk Walk in 1 minute, light yoke. Rest 1 minute between efforts.