150925: Max EMOM

Connectivity: In class:

1) Tabata Arch holds 2) Tabata Hollow Holds 2) 3X8 Hips to rings or Arch/hollow swing on rings

Extra credit:

3) 1X10 Floor Levers + 10 second descent


1) EMOM for 5 rounds: 1 Snatch@85%

2) E90 for 5 rounds: 1 Clean and Jerk@85%

Notes: For 1 and 2, add weight every minute working to a max Snatch and CJ. Take 5-7 minutes to warm up to your starting weights.


2A) 5X5 RDL, heavier than last week 2B) 4XME Muscle-up, or 4X5 anyhow, or 4XME Supinated Grip Pull-up


Extra Credit:

2X1 mile run