150914: Hotel Workout Madness

Connectivity: In class:

1) Box Shoulder Stretch, 4X:20/:20off 2) 2X1:00 Chin/toes HS Hold, rest as needed between efforts

Extra credit:

3) Alternating EMOM for 10 minutes: On even minutes, starting at 0:00, ME L-hang. On odd minutes, starting at 1:00, ME Free-standning Handstand Hold

Barbell Cycling:

1) 4X2 Touch-and-go Power Snatch. No pauses or resting on body to re-grip. Start at 75%.

Competition: ME set@80% of 2RM


2A) 4XME Ring Dips 2B) Back Squat 5X3@90%+


50 Clusters (hang clean-to-thruster) for time. ***EMOM perform 5 Burpees