150807: BS Stands for Back Squats

Connectivity: 1) Tabata Arch holds 2) Tabata Hollow Holds 3) Bar Muscle-up Progression Part 2.


Practice the drill in the above video on the low-bar outside, using a stack of tires to push against with your feet.

Watch this video also:

4) Bar Muscle-up Progression Part 3.


If you feel good, and have the prerequisites, try a BMU on the bars outside.

Here is Part 1, as well, if you haven't seen it yet. Here, Paoli describes the prerequisites for the BMU:

5) Bar Muscle-up Progression Part 1



Competition team only:

1) Max Snatch 2) Max CJ

If you are doing the extra work, but not going to Crush, do this, instead:

1) 3RM Hang Snatch 2) 2RM Hang CJ (Jerk after each Clean)


3) BS: 1X5@60, 70, 2X5@75

4A) FS: 1X5@65, 70, 75 4B) 4X2 Bench Press

5A) 3XME Tempo Pull-up, 3033 5B) 3X8 Good Mornings