150805: 21-15-9

Connectivity: 1) 4X:20 Deep Couch Stretch 2) 1X10 Shoulder Passes 3) 3X:20 Chin/toes, :20 Shrug, 20 Shoulder taps, 20 Hip Taps


1) 10 minutes to a Max 3 Position Power Snatch (floor, 2” from floor, top of knee) 2) 10 minutes to a max 3-position Power Clean 3) 3RM Jerk


Competition only. Start BBG early and get the strength piece done so that you can do the conditioning with the class.

4A) 4X3 Hang Clean Pulls 4B) 4X5 BN SN grip Push-press


5) For time:

Run 400m then, no rest: 21-15-9 WBS C2BPU