150729: Time to Make the Bagels

Connectivity: Complete before or after class.

1) 4X:20 Deep Couch Stretch 2) 1X10 Shoulder Passes 3) 3X:20 Chin/toes, :20 Shrug, 20 Shoulder taps, 20 Hip Taps


1) 10” to find a 3RM Power Snatch 2) 10" to find a 3RM Power Clean 3) 10" to find a 3RM Jerk


Competition team only. Arrive early to complete Connectivity, BBG and Strength in time to complete the conditioning piece with the class.

4A) 5X3 Clean DL with 3 sec. pause below the knee 4B) 5X5 Push-press


5) 3 rounds for time:

10 Hang Power Cleans @ 50% of 1RM Clean 20 WBS 50 dubs