150724: Strong is King

Connectivity: 1) 3X12 Arch/hollow rolls 2) 3X8 Hips to rings 3) 1X10 Floor Levers + 10 second descent


1) 3X3 Snatch from Power position, with heavy working weight 2) 3X2 Clean from PP, no jerks


1) BS: 1X5@60, 1X5@65, 1X5@70, 1X5@75

2A) FS: 1X5@60, 65, 2X5@70 2B) 4X5 Tempo Close-grip bench, 33X0 tempo

3A) 3XME Strict supinated C2B PU (competition on rings with false grip) 3B) 3X8 Good Mornings