150722: A Chipper for Time

Connectivity: 1) 4X:20 Deep Couch Stretch 2) 1X10 Shoulder Passes 3) 3X 20sec Chin/toes, 20sec HS Shrug, 20 reps Shoulder taps, 20 reps Hip Taps

Notes: Break up the hip taps and shoulder taps as needed to complete the set.


1) 10” to find a 3RM Power Snatch 2) 10" to find a 3RM Power Clean 3) 10" to find a 3RM Jerk


Competition team only. Get to class early and get a head-start so that you can complete the chipper with the rest of class.

4A) 4X5 Clean RDL + 5 Clean pulls from Power Position 4B) 4X5 Bent-over row


5) For time:

20 Push-press @ 40-50% of 1RM Jerk 12 muscle-ups 20 BB Walking lunge steps (front rack) 20 Push-Jerks 9 Muscle-ups 20 BB WL 20 Split Jerks 6 Muscle-ups 20 BB WL

Notes: If you cannot perform muscle-ups, perform chest-to-bar pull-ups or pull-ups instead. Weights for shoulder to overhead movements and walking lunges are the same.