150720: Skills and Drills

Connectivity: 1) Box Shoulder Stretch 4X:20/:20off

2) 3X1:00 Chin/toes HS Hold, rest as needed between efforts

3) Spend 5-10 minutes on performing hip taps with the chin and toes touching the wall. Practice perfect reps, and string reps together swiftly and smoothly. Avoid looking at your hands.


1) 12 minutes to establish a 1RM 3-position Snatch (Floor, Hang, Power Position)

Competition: 3X1@90-95% of #1, after finding max


2A) 4X5 Snatch Grip RDL + 5 Snatch high pulls

2B) 4X5 BN Push-press


3) 5 rounds, each for time:

Run 200m

14 Lateral Jumps

7 Unbroken Hang Power Cleans @ (175/120, or 60%-70& of 1RM Clean)

rest 1:1

Skills and Drills:

The bar muscle-up, or BMU, is a fun and challenging movement. Even after acquiring proficiency with ring muscle-ups, the bar muscle-up may be elusive for some athletes to acquire. With the rings, an athlete has less of on obstacle through the transition. With the bar muscle-up, an athlete must learn to move around the bar.

Below are three informative videos by Carl Paoli that are worth viewing if you are interested in acquiring your first bar muscle-up. The prerequisite strength is a chest-to-bar pull-up with the elbows close to the body and a "hip-to-bar"––the rest is body control. By moving from a horizontal, arched position with the bar at the hips and the head above the feet, then piking and dropping the feet, we create the rotation necessary to get around the bar. Confusing, right?––No way! it's as easy as doing a sit-up!

Check out the videos and perform these drills before or after class, then try a bar muscle-up if you have the prerequisites. Even if you lack the prerequisite strength to do a hip-to-bar, the videos provide drills that you may perform to acquire a hip-to-bar and later a bar muscle-up.

The low-bar or the dip bars at The Park (at The Ark) would be a perfect place to practice. You can stack a couple of tires and use them as Carl uses the weighted box in his video. Watch the videos, practice the drills, and your first BMU will be just around the corner!

Bar Muscle-up Part 1:



Bar Muscle-up Part 2:



Bar Muscle-up Part 3: