150717: Light Squats

Connectivity: 1) Tabata Hollow holds

2) Tabata Arch holds

3) 1X10 Floor Levers + 10 second descent


You'll need to arrive at least 30 minutes early to complete this work. 45 minutes is ideal.

1) 10" to find a Snatch 2RM from hang + 1 from floor, repeat max for three sets

2) 10" to find a Hang CJ 2RM + 1 CJ, repeat max for three sets


3) BS: 1X5@65, 3X5@75

4A) FS: 4X5@65

4B) 4X5 Tempo Close-grip Bench 33x0 tempo

5A) 3X8 Weighted Pull-up

5B) 3X8 Good Mornings