150714: 2RM Hang CJ

Connectivity: 1) 4X:20/:20off Seated Pike Stretch with Flat back

2) 2X25’ Inch-worm with long 3 second count at top and bottom

3) 2X:30 inverted hollow hold, or 2X8 Floor levers with 10 sec descent

4) 3X:40/:20off Arch hold


1) 12 to find a 2RM Hang Clean and Jerk

Competition: Perform 3X2@95% of 2RM


2) BS: 1X5@60, 1X3@70, 1X2@80, 1X2@90, 1X1@95

3) FS: 1X5@65, 1X4@75, 80, 85


Due to time constraints, you will have two choices:

4) 4 rounds, each for time:

Run 400m

20 burpee box jumps

Rest 1:1


100 Burpee Box Jumps for time