150623: Pad for the Squats?

Connectivity: To be performed before or after class, at the gym, at home, at the park, etc.

1) 4X:20 on/ :20 off, Seated Pike Stretch with Flat back

2) 2X50’ Inch-worm with long 3 second count at top and bottom.

3) 2X:30 Inverted hollow hold, or 2X8 Floor lever with 10 sec descent

4) 3X:40/:20off Arch hold


1) 15 minutes to find a 2RM Pause Clean (3 counts at bottom of knee) + Jerk (1 Jerk after each clean)

Competition: Perform 3X1@90% of 2RM


Squats are going to get real heavy real quick. Time to put the hammer down.

2) BS: 1X6@70, 1X6@80, 1X3@90, 1X2@95

3) FS: 1X5@70, 1X4@80, 1X3@85, 1X3@90


4) 7 rounds, each for time:

100' Prowler Push

Pad for the squats