150615: Week 5

BBG: 1) Find a max 3-position Snatch

Compare to first week: 150518


2A) 4X3 Hang Snatch High-pull@110% of 3 position

2B) 4X5 Pendlay row


3) 4 rounds for reps:

2 minute AMRAP:

Rope Climbs

rest 2 minutes


1) Box Shoulder Stretch 4×0:20 2) 2×0:30 Inverted Hollow Hold on Bar, if you cannot do an inverted hollow hold, do  2X10 Floor-lever negatives.

3) 3×6 SLOW Chest to Rings Pull-Ups with false grip 1331 tempo

4) Spend 5:00-10:00 Working on Handstand Hold on Floor without moving your hands

5) Find a max of the complex, then 3X1@90% of today's max. Try to go heavier than the first week. Give yourself no more than 15 minutes to find a max.