150612: Get Strong or Die Trying, JK, LOL

BBG: Competition team. Arrive early to complete. Allot at least 30 minutes, 45 minutes is preferable.

1) 10 minutes to a max of the complex, then repeat for three sets: 2 Hang snatch + 1 Snatch,

2) 10 Minutes to a max of the complex, then, repeat for three sets: Hang CJ double + 1 CJ


1) BS: 1X8@65, 70, 75, 80

2A) FS: 1X5@60, 65, 2X5@70

2B) 4X5 Tempo Close-grip Bench 33X0

3A) 3XME Strict C2B PU (Competition does rings with false grip)

3B) 3X15 Good morning