150520: Work and Rest

Competition: 1) 4X:20 Seated hamstring stretch

2) 2X 1:00 Hands and feet hollow hold

3) 2X :30 Thirty degree Handstand hold

4) 3X6 Bar lever descents, 10 second decent


1) 10" to find a 3RM touch-and-go Power Snatch 2) 10" to find a 3RM touch-and-go Power Clean 3) 10" to find a 3RM Jerk (split)


4A) 4X5 Behind-the-neck Push-press, AHAP 4B) 3X4 Hang Clean Pull (no elbow bend) @ 110% of 1RM CJ


By this time, an hour would have elapsed. If you wish to continue:

5) (Optional) 10X100m sprint, rest the time it takes to walk back to the starting line.

Start at 80% PRE, working to ALL OUT by 3rd or 4th repeat.