150518: And With Every Peak, A Valley

New cycle begins today. This one is going to last 13 weeks. We are squatting on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Don't miss those days. Today we climb the rope, so bring some long socks or pants.


To be completed before class, outside, if possible. Or, at home. You may also complete this work after class, but in my experience, it is harder to muster the motivation if you wait.

Flexibility Box Shoulder Stretch 4×0:20

Static Shaping 2×0:30 Inverted Hollow Hold on Bar photo 1

Skills and Drills 3×6 SLOW Chest to Rings Pull-Ups 1331

Spend 5:00-10:00 Working on Handstand Hold on Floor without moving your hands


1) Find a 1RM of the complex:

3-position Snatch (floor, hang, hip)

If you miss. Go down 10% and complete 3X1 of the complex, time permitting


2A) 4X3 Hang Snatch High-pull @ 110% of #1, R45 2B) 4X8 Pendlay row, AHAP, R45


2" AMRAP: ME Rope climb 3" AMRAP: 15 Burpees + 30 dubs 2" ME Rope climb 3" AMRAP: 15 Burpees + 30 dubs 2" ME Rope climb


With a partner, for total rope reps:

2 rounds:

3" Rope Climb/Burpees While P1 climbs rope, P2 does burpees 3" Rope Climb/Dubs