150513: Deload Day

BBG: 1) 10" to find a 5RM Muscle-Snatch (no garbage reps)

2) 10" to find a 2RM Snatch from the hip (no misses)

3) 10" to find a 2RM Clean from the Power Position (no misses)

All movements should be light to medium-heavy, and FAST!


4) 10" AMRAP:



If you haven't already, you should be following Outlaw Connectivity, completing the workouts preferably before class, though after class is fine, too, but you'll be less likely to do them if you wait. Most of these workouts may be done at home, especially if you have a pull-up bar (which everyone should have a pul-up bar at home, FYI). Here is your extra work for today:

5A) 4X5 Strict Supinated pull-ups 5B) 4X5 Weighted GH Raise 5C) 4X8 Diamind Push-ups 5D) 4X15 Reverse Hypers (light)

No rest between sets