Strategy and Tips for "15.2" aka "14.2"

Below is a link to the strategy video. Please note that the workout of the day on the strategy page includes your warm-up!!! Be prepared to execute this warm-up 45-30 minutes before your heat time, as it will prepare you best for the workout. The Snatches will get your CNS ready, and the rounds of OHS and pull-ups will get the rest of your body prepared for the task to come. DO NOT skip the warm-up, thinking that you need to save energy for the workout!!! You will need to break a sweat before the workout starts, and it will be a great opportunity to figure out your pacing and rhythm. Not many of you have 5 UB Butterfly chest-to-bar pull-ups. I highly recommend that if you do not have the five UB C2BPU, that you go singles THE ENTIRE WORKOUT. Later on in the strategy video, an athlete demonstrates what these singles will look like.

I cannot stress this enough: BE PREPARED AND DO THE WARM-UP WITH PLENTY OF TIME TO SPARE BEFORE YOUR HEAT! YOU SHOULD START THE WARM-UP 45-30 MINUTES BEFORE THE START OF YOUR HEAT!!! You should time your warm-up so that you have about 5-10 minutes between your last round on the warm-up and the start of your heat.