150113: Time to Make the Donuts

Olympic: 1) Find a 1RM of the complex:

3 Hang Cleans + 2 FS


2A) Deadlift 65X5, 75X5, 85XME, R60 2B) 3XME Toes-to-bar


3) 15" AMRAP:

9 Deadlift (155/100) 12 Push-up 15 Box Jump


4A) 3X10 Glute-ham raises, R60 4B) 3X10 Ring swings with false grip

Ark Barbell:

1) Power Snatch: 60X3, 65X3, 70X3X2 2) Power Clean: 60X3, 65X3, 70X3X2 3) Snatch Deadlift: 90X4X4 4) Behind the Neck (BN) Power Jerk: 60X4, 65X4, 70X4X2