Alternating EMOM for 10:

Odd: Chin-toes HS hold/Shoulder taps/Hip taps

Even:  30 Double-unders, or :45 sec dubs practice

Aerobic Capacity:

(Wear your HR monitors during the entire 36 minutes and record average HR, and HR max. Do not manage HR, just record. Go hard every 10 minute interval)

10” AMRAP:

30 sec ME Bike or Row

30 sec rest

rest 3 minutes

10” AMRAP:

Bent over Rope Pull 100ft

rest 3 minutes

10” AMRAP:

10 Turkish Get-ups (5 each arm)

20 One-arm Thursters with KB (10 each arm)

Postural Restoration:

1A) Internal rotation bridge

1B) Iso plank

2) 20X Croc breath