3 rounds for quality:

5 Pull-ups (strict on first round)

10 Push-ups

15 Air-squats

R1: Bear Crawl 50', R2: Monkey walk 50', R3: HS walk 50'


1A) BS: 60x2x3 sets

Aerobic Capacity:

2) With HR between 145-155 BPM:

30” AMRAP:

6 TGU (3 each arm)

9 Strict Toe-to-bar

12 KB Snatches (6 each arm)

100m Suit Case Carry (50m right, 50m left)

Compare to: May 3rd, 2016

Extra work, before or after class:


Coach's note: If you have not been benching consistently, do not bench today.

1) Bench: 3x5@80% of 5RM

Postural Restoration:

3A) 3 sets: internal rotation bridge x10 breaths total

3B) 3 sets: iso plank x5 breaths

4) 20X Croc breath