2 sets, 10x bent-over T’s, Y’s, and I’s.

followed by…

Two Sets of:

Landmine Rows x 6 reps each arm

Rest as needed

Dumbbell Z-Press x 10 reps

Rest as needed

Strongman Conditioning Session


Build to today’s 4-RM One-Arm Press

Followed by…

Build to today’s 3-RM One-Arm Snatch

Followed by…

Build to today’s 2-RM One-Arm Overhead Squat

Followed by…

Build to today’s 1-RM One-Arm Deadlift

For all of the single-arm work above, use a barbell, and start with your non-dominant arm, followed by your dominant arm.


Two sets of:

Sandbag Clean & Jerk x 5 reps

(work as heavy as possible)

Rest as needed


Two sets of:

150-Foot Yoke Carry

(work as heavy as possible)

Rest 3-4 minutes


Two sets of:

100-Foot Hand-Over-Hand Rope Pull

(goal is max load…you’re only allowed one stop in the 100-feet)

Rest 2-3 minutes


300 Meter Sandbag Carry

Followed by…

200 Meter Prowler Sprint – light load, steady grind

Extra work, before or after class:

Before or after class:

1) BS: 60x2x3

2) Bench-press: work to a 5RM, then 2x5 at -5, -10% of 5RM

Postural Restoration:

3A) 3 sets: internal rotation bridge x10 breaths total

3B) 3 sets: iso plank x5 breaths

4) 20X Croc breath